Convinced about the need for healthier food, Bioole was born out of a need to make the best organic extra virgin olive oil, from the best small producers in Spain, available to everybody. This as well as other local organic products produced by small farmers in Spain; products which form a part of the Mediterranean diet, recognised as one of the healthiest diets in the world.

Organic farming and the way of life that goes along with it have many health and well-being benefits, and this motivated us to promote these organic Spanish products to a wider public. There are several other reasons for our wanting to promote these organic products:


First and foremost, organic farming is good for the environment because no chemical compounds are used, unlike other forms of farming which add these chemicals into our ecosystem.


In second place, organic farming means that there are no genetically modified products and so no genetic mutations are involved, therefore the risks involved in the introduction of genetically modified organisms into the biodiversity of the area, are not present.


Thirdly, the quality of organic produce is much better as compared to other forms of production, since the food is not exposed to any synthetic chemical products, so it does not absorb any of these substances.


In fourth place, it encourages the development of local producers and of rural areas where many organic producers can be found.

Alberto Martínez Cárcel

Alberto Martínez Cárcel


The idea came to me, Alberto Martinez Carcel (Bachelor in Environmental Sciences and Technical Agricultural Engineering), as I am very passionate about the environment, nature, outdoor activities and organic farming. After living for several years in Germany, I realised that there was great ecological awareness there and furthermore, they also appreciate organic products. Upon returning to Spain, it became clear that the next step was to bring natural, Mediterranean products to the German market.

When talking about our core founding team it is impossible to ignore my wife Marta and our family as well as two great friends of mine. Without their efforts and collaboration, this new business adventure would not have been possible.